Double Axe Throw Inflatable Game

Double Axe Throw Inflatable Game


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Base Price – up to 6 hours of fun!  $435.00
Keep it overnight! - Only 33% more! Pickup after 10:00am the next day  $578.55 
2 Day Pricing! Pickup next day at 7:00pm $652.50
Weekend Price! Drop off Friday 2pm, Pickup Sunday 7pm $870.00

Actual Size: 16ft x 22ft x 14ft Tall

Attendants: 1

Outlets: 1


The Double Axe Throw Inflatable Game features a large, colorful target with two lanes, allowing two players to compete head-to-head. Each player takes turns throwing foam axes at the target, aiming to hit the bullseye and score the most points. With its vibrant graphics and eye-catching design, this game is sure to attract attention and keep participants entertained for hours.

Safety is a top priority, and this inflatable game is designed with that in mind. The axes are made of soft foam, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. The inflatable structure is sturdy and durable, providing a stable and secure environment for axe-throwing enthusiasts.

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