110' Marble Castle Obstacle Course

110' Marble Castle Obstacle Course


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Base Price – up to 6 hours of fun!  $1,075.00
Keep it overnight! - Only 33% more! Pickup after 10:00am the next day  $1,429.75 
2 Day Pricing! Pickup next day at 7:00pm $1,612.50
Weekend Price! Drop off Friday 2pm, Pickup Sunday 7pm $2,150.00

Setup Area: 120x15x22

Actual Size: 110x13x19

Attendants: Adult Supervision is Needed (2)

Outlets: 4

Age Group: All Age Groups


The 110' Castle Obstacle Course rental is something that demands attention.  If you are looking for a WOW factor for your next party rentals, this is certainly a great option.  110 feet long is a pretty large rental and you certainly will need a large backyard.  This unit can handle many children climbing on it at one time.  And, it arrives all sanitized and ready to go.  Kids will crawl through the various obstacles to make it to the ladder where they will crawl up to get to the top of the 19-foot slide. On the other end of the obstacle, its a large bounce house with slide. Kids will enter the obstacle course from the bounce house area. You can be sure that they will be having the time of their life.  

As with all of our rentals, everything is delivered right to the party area. We will set everything up for you, even this massive beast.  It is all ready to go before your guests arrive.  Enjoy the 110' Castle Obstacle Course and when you are done, we will be back to pick it back up.  It is that easy.  You don't have to do any of the heavy liftings, simply enjoy the day.  This 110' Castle Obstacle Course is a great option for those that are having larger parties as well.  It can accommodate many children at once and keeps the lines moving so everyone has a great time.

If you are looking to show your children a great time, we have all kinds of options.  Take a look around.  We work with big and small venues and have many options for both.  They make wonderful fundraiser events too.


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